Looking Forward.....

The last few weeks have found me feeling small and utterly helpless. As much as I would like to say I am in control, that is very far from reality. I find myself part of a whirlwind that is much larger than I can even fathom, and the ever-present HOPE that I have come to rely on in my life, is my only shot at any sort of healthy and sane mindset right now.

As far as music is concerned, my CD, the one that I posted about in October when I said it would be available in two weeks, is really (really) done, paid for and will be shipped out in a few days. While music has been the farthest thing from my mind that I can imagine lately, it is, like I have stated before, here with me always, even when I don't realize it... which is probably when I actually need it the most. 

While negotiating a price with the CD manufacturer, I discovered that I could only put roughly 45 minutes worth of music on the disc, which left me with a problem... I had 35 original songs, which included a few different versions, outtakes, and demo's that I wanted to include on the disc, but couldn't use most of them. So I chose 12 original songs, and one cover to go on the actual CD, and am slowly but surely including the rest here for sale at a nominal minimal fee, which you can adjust as you please. 

I am very proud of the artwork on the actual disc itself. It is an original piece that was created by an artist who wishes, at least for the time-being, to remain anonymous. While more will be revealed regarding this very talented individual very soon, for the time being, her art work as well as her wonderful photography, will be regarded as being done by Hummingbird Studios.

My friend, and owner of the Poison Frog Brewery Phil Wilcox was kind enough to volunteer his expertise as a graphic designer so I could get everything just as I wanted it on the packaging. 

The 12 original songs that I chose, were all written within the last 8 years, and despite a few minor glitches with fade-outs, endings, mastering etc, I am very happy with them indeed. A few of them are in mono, due to my accidentally having erased a hard drive a few years back. The only way I could save them was to dump them back onto my Tascam pretty much "as-is" in mono from YouTube, and with no way to re-mix them whatsoever. These songs would be "All My Troubles (Kat's Song)", and "What's The Question", with the latter including a "click-track" intro (in fact, the click-track is evident throughout the entire song, if you listen closely) and out as well. 

The part of this whole process that I am looking forward to more than anything else, is deleting these songs once and for all from my hard-drive, which will free-up time in my life, and space on my 24 track, for new material that has yet to be written and recorded. 

As for live shows.... As much as I love to perform, I loathe booking myself, especially in this home-town of mine. I try and keep myself out there by playing locally at the Poison Frog at least once a month, and have recently discovered a venue in Manchester, Michigan called the Village Tap, which has some of the nicest, and most truly appreciative crowds I have played for in a long time. 

I will be having a CD release party (hopefully with several guest performers) coming up sometime in January at the Poison Frog as well, which I will announce asap.

Peace be with you people. 

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