The Show Must Go On....

Man, I'm here to tell you, I love music. Despite having had about 6 hours sleep since Wednesday, I made it through the last 2 nights' gigs pretty well. The folks at the Poison Frog on Friday, old friends as well as new, were wonderful as always, and I'm looking forward to being back next month. Tonight Aggie's Sports Bar (Average Joe's to you Northerners), boy I was dragging. I'm usually full of piss and vinegar, and kind of hyper, which helps at shows sometimes, but tonight I was just plain tired. But, it went well, and the crowd was great. I'm pretty sure I made a couple of new fans, and I met a piano player too, which I was just talking to a friend yesterday about wishing I we could find! God works in mysterious ways sometimes. Kev Nichols borrowed my guitar did a couple numbers, and I joined him on harp, which is something I don't get a chance to do very much, as I always use a harmonica holder. But tonight, I got to bend the hell outta those reeds in my Special 20, and it was a real treat jamming with Kevin too! I need some heavy rest, so not having any gigs next weekend is going to be nice.

Sometimes I think if it weren't for music, I'd go insane. I used to think it was odd of me to feel so strongly, so deeply, about anything as I do music. But someone very dear to me once told me that what it was that I feel is not odd at all. She called it my passion. I liked that an awful lot. I hope everyone out there who may read this has something in their lives that they feel as passionately about as I do music. If you don't, look inside. I'll bet ya fifty bucks it's in there. 

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